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Version Released

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Release changes to

-NoColor typing using Windows NearWhite [clCream] Color - recoded for Main- & PM Windows to
make a better CodeRecognizing for Color/NoColor typing.

-Unit8 ReplaceAlphabet() recoded for Letters&Digits. Hard Way to make a substtution Unicode-
Alphabeth with Digits writable with the IRC Color-System. All Colorizers working fine now while
using Alphabet-Replacing.

-Rainbow Colorizer recoded for Unicode
-Highlite Colorizer recoded for Unicode

-Winamp DialogBox - additional Panel (WAPanel) to set a separate Announcer-TextColor.
-Winamp DialogBox - additional CheckBox to switch ON/OFF Unicode Announcing

-Form5 (WriteColor Setting) recoded for Winamp TextColor Settings (New Mode "WINAMP")

-PM-Windows PostTimer set from 200ms to 250ms

-Alphabet-Replacer DialogBox - initialising the last Unicode-Alphabet in List as a setted Alphabet.
[new Method TForm29::SetStandard()]

-PM-Windows can also write Unicode-Alphabets now. (Rightclick in Say Edit-Field - set MenuItem
"ReplaceAlphabet" checked)

-New Word-Filter Function to hide complete Lines with those Triggerwords for ex. Advertising,
MainWindow Panel Filter - Word Filter List, Rightklick Popup-Menu Add Item - Delete Item - Clear List
(List is saved in a Textfile filter.lst)

-TextReplace DialogBox completely changed to a synchronized threadsafe Code

-Code Revision of all 37 Units

-Code Adjustments to the IRCv3 TAGMSG Parser

-Recoding the Text-Encoding System, Method ReadCodePage set BSIRC to the System Default Encoding
at Program-Start, changing the Encoding before Connecting or while Disconnected is Possible via
MainWindow Panel Options -> Encoding ComboBox, this calling a new Method
Form1::SetFormEncoding(TEncoding *fEncode) to set all relevant Controls during Runtime.

-FloodTimer - Bug if set the TriggerTime via Input Edit-Field removed

-Wallops Messages (if UserMode set to +w) displayed as a Message in the RTF-Control now

-TextReplacer Bug removed (saving trigger.lst)

-German Version Bot Outputs (TextEncodings) recoded

-MainForm TimeCombo, SetGMT() Timezone-Settings recoded

-PerformList DialogBox - Bug removed (deleting a List Item)

-CTCP Replies - TAGMSG-Parser recoded for IRCv3 Functionality

-Method and Code-Positions of WriteOut(string) (SendText to an Mobile Backend) recoded

-Android PlugIn App recoded (Sending Chat Text to a MobileClient in the same Network)

-Self-Signed SSL Certificate & PrivateKey added to Folder CERT for connecting SSL Ports. New
CheckBox in Profile-DialogBox to set this. You can use your own Certificates, Certificates
needs to be stored in Folder "Cert" as [certificate.crt] and [private.key], the set the CheckBox
to "Use own Certficates".

-Issues with tracking Users removed (Parrot-Method)

-KeepAlive System Recoded (Code doesn't set the (Form25)Server-DialogBox Timeouts correctly,
so the Timers doesn't trigger), Form25 got a new Setter - void Form25::SetOK() - to simulate the
OK Click EventHandler from other Namespaces.

-SendPong does not result a Server-Response, but it set the RAW EventHandler LastInputCount to 0,
if the ISP disconnecting, BSIRC still have some Issues with the Connection. If you send Pongs all 60 sec.
and you check the PingAfterData Timeout for Ex. all 65 sec. (LastInputCount) - BSIRC can recognize that
the OnRAW EventHandler have stopped, what is clearly a Point of NoConnection/Disconnect.
The KeepAlive System (if it is switched ON) will set the Application back & Disconnected.