BSIRC Veröffentlicht (Released)

Hier gibt es Neuigkeiten zu Software-Releases und aktuelle Programminfos
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BSIRC Veröffentlicht (Released)

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Hello, i released today,
see the Download Section to get the new Version.

We updating automatically from, if you use this older Versions, just copy the irc32.exe & irc64.exe to your old BSIRC Folder - copy also all Folders from the new Version to your old BSIRC Folder.

-Error removed in ActionEdit PopupMenu ->Save saved th ColorRTF Text as PlainText and NOT the SystemPanel Text
-ActionEdit PopupMenu was not translated to english (fixed)
-Style LuckyPoint removed because some Issues with the Windows Controls
-Some usable Unicode-Alphabeths added to replace.lst
-Animated Gif's on the MainWindow synchronized access to Animate on/off
-Set a Font for the UserList (TListView) changed to Ownerdraw true (Both Item Text & Column Header will be change)
-New Edit PopupMenu Item "ReplaceText" and "Hashcode MD5"
-Unit8 new class UnicodeString TReplaceText(UnicodeString String) to change all Umlauts and the ß, Ä = Ae, ä = ae, ß = ss etc. pp.
-EditFields pressing F11 in OnKeyDown changed for the new code in Alphabet-Replacing
-OnException Code changed for getting incoming Socket-Errors
-SSL OnStatusEx reconnect initiator skipped
-Save Dialogbox synchronize class recoded (the dialogbox opening always in the Application Directory)
-Save Profiles Code from Form2 moved to TSetSaveDialg() in sync.h
-SSL Version Setting recoded
-LastInputTimer - KeepAlive depency skipped
-Bug removed that raised an exception while reconnectings by errors or netcheck proceeding (class TSelfJoin passing in one case a wrong receiver item in JoinedList)
This case resulting if the ChannelListBox is not deleted before reconnecting
-Bug removed the freezing the App by get a "0 Closing Link . . ." at the begin of a Connection
-AMsg expanded to Alphabet-Replacing
-New Perform Command "SET VERSIONREALNAME" set the IRC Realname to the BSIRC Version before connecting.
-New Alias implemented "/raw <command>" to send Raw-Commands to the Server (for ex.: "/raw MODE mynick +R")
-help.html in Folder /DOC extended to the Changes
-i did a complete recoding of the Reconnecting Section, that resulting the most stable Version now.